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Dear Artist: The Art of Lifemaking by Hillary McFarland

Dear Artist is a DIY course for creative souls—especially if you've ever said, “But I am not an artist.” Oh yes, I say. Yes. Your life is your art.

The way you tenderly tuck your babies in at night: art. The way you say a soft prayer as you lean over the carrots and kale and the tomatoes and the garlic. Art. The way you dance in the light. Art. The way you long to bring in some additional household income through homemade soaps. Art. The way you want to leave a legacy for your children, your loved ones, and humanity. Art.

Your soul knows you were meant for more. This is why you feel dissatisfied, restless, unfulfilled, always looking for “your thing.” Always hungry for something you can't quite define.

The truth is, you came to earth with sacred blueprints for the creative life you long for already written inside you. They live in the breathstream of the soul. They are holistic and holy, maps of your divine purpose, love stories of wisdom and work. I won't teach you painti…